This page will feature ideas, resources and curriculum posts from the GCSE units that I teach. Links included to files, videos etc.


These are my lessons planned for our Y11 school examinations this summer.

  • There are 9 lessons/resources, 3 for Medicine, Germany and the American West. Each sheet is A3 sized
  • Each lesson involves Recap, Review, Transform and Application activities, the method we’ve used for 4 years
  • The structure is based off this classic Dawn Cox blog. Thanks to Rachel Ball for also reminding me to refocus on good revision, brilliant article for Practical Histories is here
  • Lots of retrieval, deliberate practice, modelling, worked examples, TWR and generative activities
  • Students revise the context for each lesson as preparation, so we can move to reviewing and applying knowledge.

Feel free to download and use these (just don’t throw them on Tes please) – Let me know how you get on!

Dropbox Link: Here

The American West

DC Timelines

As part of my work on booklets and reading around dual coding, I’ve created new timelines for the thematic sections of the unit.

Including an overview of Conflict and Tension, 1830-90.

I use these at the start of the unit to talk through the big story, emphasising the downward curve which represents the decline Indian way of life.

Here’s a Youtube video for it too:

At the end of the unit students complete a review and recap of this timeline, annotating it from memory.

PDF Download

The Plains Wars

Summary sheet of the Indian Wars (Plains Wars) 1862-68:
– Little Crows War
– The Sandcreek Massacre
– Red Clouds War

Thanks to @hughrichards for the idea on how to present the wars, in terms of causes, events and consequences.

This helps both the narrative overview, and grouping together causes/results, which is could be great for importance or consequences questions (I’m thinking of Edexcel here as this is my exam board)

PDF Download

Weimar and Nazi Germany

The Big Picture of Weimar and Nazi Germany

British Medicine Through Time

Treatment in WW1
DC Diagram

Having been inspired by @SJMax_ with this great dual coded maps of a unit, here is my summary of the advances in treatment during WW1.

Below is also a Loom video with me going over this, kindly shared by @mrpattisonteach on his #HISTV channel. Useful for end of unit revision with your GCSE classes.

PDF Download

Ideas on Cause of Disease over time

This is the second of a group of A3 overviews I have begun to create for Y11 Medicine revision, each covering a theme.