Explode a Question 

A exam question planning sheet to aid pupils in their revision. Pupils highlight the key words in the question Plan their answer around the question Fill the SPaG Bomb with any key words they will use Attached planning sheet: Explode... Continue Reading →

Iceberg Analysis

Recently I have been teaching the Collapse of Peace topic to my Y10 and we have been discussing the implications of the crises of the late 1930s such as the Sudetenland and Munich Conference. For a while I have been... Continue Reading →

Visual Timelines

As part of revision for GCSE, I came across this fantastic idea by @arnewoodbazzer, who uses pictures/sources for pupils to make a visual timeline of a topic or key event. Not only do they look fantastic, but importantly the chance to... Continue Reading →

5 a Day

This is one of my favourite and most used starters, originally created by two maths colleagues at my school (@missfilson and @MissBKearns). It is used to recap the previous lesson or to interleave revision on subject knowledge from previous topics.... Continue Reading →

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