This page will feature ideas, resources and curriculum posts from the GCSE units that I teach. Links included to files, videos etc.

Liverpool and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Mapping Liverpool’s Slave Legacy

This map forms part of our Year 7 Liverpool and the Transatlantic Slave Trade unit, and features in our debate over the renaming, replacing or reshaping street names in the city.

I’m grateful to the work of the International Museum of Slavery, Historic England and Anthony Tibbles for providing the information to create this – it is by no means comprehensive, and you can go into considerable detail about Blackburne House, Tarleton Street, William Roscoe and the debate over Penny Lane

PDF of the map for you to use, enjoy: Download

The Industrial Revolution

Liberty’s Dawn: Workbook

This is my edit of the Liberty’s Dawn workbook created for our Industrial Revolution unit. My colleague Catherine kindly made the original using a number of resources from (Rachel Ball, Hannah Cusworth & Elizabeth Carr) and I’ve turned it into a workbook for our LAP Y8 classes.

This version has been edited in both content/tasks/scaffolding to make it suitable for those students in our lowest sets, but whilst keeping the rigour of a unit that focuses on Emma Griffin’s interpretation.

Thanks to many out there for the inspiration, especially Jacob Olivey for his ‘How historians work’ slide which I bastardised for this.

The Silk Roads

These are my lessons for our Silk Roads unit, ‘What travelled along the Silk Roads?’.

This version has been edited in both content/tasks to make it suitable as a base for Remote Learning, allowing teachers to add/amend as such with any online tools required. These lessons are very much my first draft of these and will be reworked for the return to classroom based teaching (yay!), feedback is welcome as I’m certainly not an expert.

Thanks to many out there for the inspiration and work I have reused, especially Tom Pattison, David Hibbert, Jen Thornton and others who’s resources I’ve amalgamated.

Lesson 1: Neither Silk nor Roads.
What were the Silk Roads?