Parental Engagement in Y11

Having trialled a version of a 'How to support your child through Y11' handout to give out at parents evening, I've continued it again this year with some additions. I've always thought about improving parental engagement and it is something... Continue Reading →

How do we revise for history?

A combination of using Twitter & working at a Research School, I have the wonderful opportunity to read and engage in the latest evidence and research based practice but often during readings, conferences and discussions I wonder how can I... Continue Reading →

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Breakfast Jam – Visualisers in the classroom

Today I had the opportunity to present at our in-school CPD sessions called Breakfast Jams on how I have been using visualisers throughout the history classroom & my thoughts going forwards. I must say a big thanks to Susan Strachan... Continue Reading →

Revision Bookmarks

As part of my revision packs for Y11, I created a version of the popular bookmark that contained simple exam question guidance and QR codes to relevant videos created by @bennewmark @MrAllsopHistory @worcesterjonny. Simple printed and laminated - you may need to fiddle... Continue Reading →

‘The basics’ sheets for revision

After inspiration from our geography department and the fantastic @Mawhinney, I decided to make these 'basics' sheets for Y11 for the final push in the day/morning of the exam. Handed them out Friday and the guys were receptive! Please find attached... Continue Reading →

Lucky Dip

A nice simple idea for revision - pupils enjoy/hate it as they could get a nightmare q. This is an exam where I gave them 2 minutes to quickly plan and they would answer next lesson after homework revision. Please... Continue Reading →

Nightmare before exam time

An idea alongside quick thinking was one first suggested by @littlestobbsy - getting pupils to write out and plan their nightmare exam questions. Getting pupils to do this helps to build confidence and works as excellent revision. I usually get... Continue Reading →

Quick Thinking Exam Questions

As part of revision, we discuss with pupils the need to plan and think about your answer within the first few minutes of the exam. The first minutes can be crucial and can get their brain into gear, therefore we... Continue Reading →

Breaking down events

Students often struggle to move past the description/explanation of an event in exams and assessments - this simple tool allows pupils to delve into deeper analysis and evaluation of the importance of a single event. See instructions below: Please find... Continue Reading →

MEKAKO Source Analysis

Ever since i started teaching last year, I always struggled to get my head around teaching the AQA Unit 1 6 mark questions. I went too far into unpicking them and confused both myself and students on a question which... Continue Reading →

Tetris Quiz

A really simple starter/plenary/AfL or revision. Pupils create a quiz using questions, pictures etc in each of the Tetris blocks Please find attached resource Tetris Quiz

Tarsia Wars

Tarsias have been used for years but they were firstly introduced to me by a colleague @mrhynesgeog when I was an NQT. They have become a great go to revision activity and can be used for a number of different... Continue Reading →

Revision o’ Clock 

One of my favourite (and pupils') revision activities that I use across KS3/KS4. Shout-out to @teachgeogblog for the original idea. Simply put, student's revise 12 different topics in 3-4 minute time periods. You can choose the topics or ask pupils... Continue Reading →

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