Having trialled a version of a ‘How to support your child through Y11’ handout to give out at parents evening, I’ve continued it again this year with some additions. I’ve always thought about improving parental engagement and it is something my school does across KS3/4, especially in supporting revision and preparation for GCSE’s. This handout is something that we hope will give our parents some guidance and understanding of their child’s year ahead and they they can support them.  It includes examination information, key dates for 2018/9, revision information and communication opportunities.

Having read an article about the power of parental engagement and its impact on progress (Can’t remember where though!), I had a look at the EEF, who are producing a report in Winter 2018 (EFF Guidance Reports), and one of their earliest suggestions is ‘offering advice on improving the home learning environment’. This is something our school has been doing through Revision Evenings for Y11 Parents/Carers, and our weekly Y11 Bulletin kindly compiled by our Head of Year @MissZEvans. This information, alongside consistent feedback on our students progress, both formally and informally, we hope will really help our students & parents alike.

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Therefore this sheet will be provided with our history bundle at Parents Evening, including our homemade revision guides, mock exam guidance and our ‘how to revise in history’ sheet (How do we revise for history?).

Revision handout here:Y11 Parents Evening Handout 2018

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