As part of revision for GCSE, I came across this fantastic idea by , who uses pictures/sources for pupils to make a visual timeline of a topic or key event. Not only do they look fantastic, but importantly the chance to sequence events from a topic really helps them to consolidate their understanding.

I like the use of visual timelines for my AQA GCSE revision as I can use it to not only develop students chronological understanding of the topic but also key exam skills. I often ask pupils to use the left side of the page to ‘describe’ the event and the right side to ‘evaluate’ the importance of the event in relation to a question. These are key skills required across both Unit 1 and Unit 2 – I especially push the description of events for Unit 1 as they can be used as 4 mark questions in the paper.

For example, the Night of the Long Knives. Left side they describe the events briefly and on the right they explain how important this event was in allowing Hitler to become the Dictator of Germany.

Attached are 2 resources: Hitler Dictator Visual Timeline and Vietnam War Visual Timeline

Hitler Dictator Visual Timeline

Vietnam War Visual Timeline