Recently I have been teaching the Collapse of Peace topic to my Y10 and we have been discussing the implications of the crises of the late 1930s such as the Sudetenland and Munich Conference. For a while I have been trying to remember an article from Teaching History about using geographical examples as a way to develop pupils’ thinking about causation, impact etc. and I remember I had seen Iceberg analysis before on Twitter.Iceberg Analysis 2 Iceberg Analysis

Therefore I created this resource for my class to look at the implications of the Sudeten Crisis and the Munich Conference. We discussed and analysed a number of sources that looked at what the public saw as a result of the crisis and what were the deeper implications of Munich.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 20.57.02

This could be used for a variety of activities; source analysis, cost/benefit, short/long term impacts, judging significance and even revision.

Find attached iceberg worksheet

Munich Iceberg