We’ve been working on ways to improve our GCSE pupil’s evaluation on the bigger AQA exam questions, 10 and 12 markers which ask pupils to assess the importance of one event in relation to another or overall topic. For example, what was the most significant reason that Hitler was allowed to become dictator in 1934, or how was the most significant method that the Nazis used to control Germany.

Working on this skill really helps to push pupils’ marks up towards L3/L4 answers and the activity Significance Circles allows pupils to work on this skills, whilst ranking importance compared to other factors.

Significance Circles 2

The activity is very simple as you can see above, pupils choose a size of circle in relation to its importance and then write their explanation why it is so significant. To push this to another level you can draw/explain links between the different circles.

This is an excellent resource for revision and any lesson across KS3/KS4

Having shared this on twitter i’ve seen some excellent results so far from @CHShistory, @historicalsandoand @kneller88 – great work!

Attached resource

Significant Circles