Ever since i started teaching last year, I always struggled to get my head around teaching the AQA Unit 1 6 mark questions. I went too far into unpicking them and confused both myself and students on a question which is essentially small and simple.

My colleague  is an expert and helped team teach the class (and me) on a much simpler way to answer/structure these questions. We then decided to use the mnemonic MEKAKO to help students remember this.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 15.18.35.png

Simply put, students need to ensure they use the source and own knowledge to agree/disagree with the source’s suggestion. Therefore, the MEKAKO allows students to do this!

The poster is rather simple to follow, but to aid your understanding the A means to discuss the reliability of the source. So, why would the author have this view, what is their motive or audience. Try to get students to argue the source is reliable