Following on from the marking crib sheet, I have begun to use an amended version for assessments, the Assessment Crib Sheet. Whilst this is still in the development phase (as to what needs to be included), I thought I would share the progress of this. 


It is very similar to the marking crib sheet but lends a greater focus to assessments and the feedback that I give in the lesson after. I must acknowledge the following other historians who have been working on their own versions and providing detailed class feedback after assessments (@bennewmark and @kenradical). 

The sheet is rather self-explanatory but I thought I would clarify the WAGOLL moments, which is simply students’ work which I photograph or type up as examples of great work. These are then shared with the class and they are annotated/picked apart to identify why there are so good. Also – the WWW and EBI code section is to be used for my/student tracking of the skills in history – the most common two codes informs me of progress and targets for the next lessons – I will be blogging about this soon πŸ™‚

Where this sheet differs from my other crib sheet is that this sheet is solely for the teachers use and is not shared with students.  I do create an assessment feedback PowerPoint that I spend an hour completing with students, which included verbal feedback, activities, redrafting, literacy checks and tracking, but the individual sheet goes into my planning document. This will be included in another post on assessments and feedback shortly.

Please seen example of one that I completed this morning whilst marking a the first Y7 assessment of the year and a blank template -> Free – Assessment Crib Sheet